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Bioremediation can be defined as any process that uses microorganisms, fungi, green plants or their enzymes to return the natural environment altered by contaminants to its original condition. Bioremediation may be employed to attack specific soil contaminants, such as degradation of chlorinated hydrocarbons by bacteria. An example of a more general approach is the cleanup of oil spills by the addition of nitrate and/or sulfate fertilizers to facilitate the decomposition of crude oil by indigenous or exogenous bacteria.


Removing petrochemicals and other toxic substances from soil can be very costly and cause significant delays in plans to reuse contaminated sites. BESCO has devised numerous fast and cost-effective bioremediation solutions that convert contaminants into harmless by-products and are completely environmentally safe.


The following petrochemical are some of the compounds which can be treated:


•     Brake Fluids

•     Lube Oil

•     Marine Fuel

•     Gasoline

•     Crude Oil

•     Transformer Oil (PCB)

•     Diesel

•     Motor Oils

•     Kerosene

•     Heating Oils

•     Hydraulic Fluids






  We either have or can develop biological product for each and every pollution there is.


Our Motto is:

  Whatever your pollutions are we will supply the right natural SOLUTION .


2.Know – How:

In case per case basis, we do not supply ready-to-use products only but, also the right technology and know-how which shows:


  • What product to use?

  • How to use it?

  • When to use it?

  • Where to use it?

  • How much to use?


We also manage projects on turn-key basis.



Enhancing the Natural Process


Bottom Line, 3 critical factors :


  1. Adequate Time

  2. More Bacteria Count    ……Biostimulation (OSEII)

  3. Better Microbe Species …………Bioaugmentation (MICROBE ACT)



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