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About Us

BESCO is an environmental expertise firm & one of the leading Companies in this area  to offer a complete range of total environmental solutions and tailor made products on its innovative way and developed the solutions & ability to serve difficult markets.


The company offers supply, consulting, operation and maintenance services in the following fields:


Waste water in Municipal, Industrial , Agricultural and Residential and Commercial like hotels and restaurants (Grease trap) and labor camps (septic tank) wastewater problems,  bad odor and solid sludge as well as hazardous waste , algae  problem and pollution remediation


in oreder to solve the hazardous waste and treatment of Halogenated Organic Chemicals and pollution in order to meet the local authority standard as well as elimination of Oil spill pollution which will put endanger the health of the people living all around the cities effectively, promptly, safely and economically.


BESCO  has no limits of implementation of technologies and designs & offering flexible and tailored solutions to meet the Client’s requirements and the problems.


BESOC is currently working with some major institutional , agricultural and Industries sector like hotels and  food process and factory and dairy farm to design and treat wastewater in their facilities. BESCO has developed treatment applications with several manufacturers to enhance plant efficiencies, reduce organic solids and fats/oils/grease, as well as odor control.


To sum up, it is our pleasure to introduce to you a services and products that is not using the latest development in biotechnology only, but also a product that has been in the worldwide markets for more than 30 years. USA, Germany, UK. France, Belgium, Austria, China, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, Syria, Qatar are a short list of the markets where our products serves the environment in each and every water treatment applications.


Advantages of BESCO Bioremediation Technology:


  • Clean up costs are less expensive than alternate technologies.

  • The BESCO process is an ecologically sound and natural process.

  • Residues from the biological treatment are usually harmless by-products.

  • Minimal site disruption where materials can be treated at the site.

  • Sites may be de-listed as hazardous waste sites after completion of bioremediation.

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