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MICROBE ACT ®  : Septic



Septic Tank Maintenance - Did You Know?


Here's what you should look for when purchasing septic tank additives:


Choose a product which has the full complement of organisms needed for efficient

septic tank operation including aerobics, facultative and ANAEROBIC bacteria.

Pick a product from a company which has a track record of successful residential

and commercial applications for their product (not just a company which has a lot of marketing dollars to throw into advertising). Look for a formula that is sold through septic tank professionals who are real 'experts' when it comes to septic systems.


MICROBE ACT ® fills all of the above requirements for the right septic product for your stores to sell because:


  • It is the only product available that contains aerobics, facultative and ANAEROBIC bacteria

  • The manufacturer has been in business since 1976 as a prime source of commercial strength microbes and septic tank products.

  • Our formula is available through over 4000 septic tank professionals and is purchased by cities, states, municipal operators, the United Nations, and an array of Fortune 500 food processors around the globe.

  • The MICROBE ACT ® formulation may be sold in every mainland state, even those which require additional authorization for such products

  • MICROBE ACT ® is 100% adult active bacteria and does not contain yeast, bran, or other fillers, which only adds to the consumers' problems.


  • The MICROBE ACT ® formulation is sold (since 1976) by more than 4500 mom & pop hardware stores nationwide.  Still, it has proven itself and developed a following of thousands of retailers and a cult following of satisfied customers while being higher priced than our competitors because it's the one that works!

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